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What is the Tactile Research Group?

Note: For all email addresses [at] is substituted for @ to discourage webcrawler programs used by spammers.



  • From its humble beginning as a handful of colleagues sitting on beds in a hotel room discussing research on the perception of touch, the TRG has become an international collection of over 100 people conducting research on a wide variety topics related to tactile perception. Our members come from both academia and industry and span a wide range of exciting topics including tactile acuity in the blind, haptic interfaces for driving and aviation, simulation of object texture in VR, sensory integration, synesthesia and haptic space perception.


  • The purpose of the TRG is to facilitate interaction between tactile researchers and to provide a venue to share new research findings. This is primarily achieved through the TRG annual meeting held in conjunction with the meeting of the Psychonomic Society.


  • To become a "member" of the TRG, just let us know that you would like to join the group by contacting Brendan Stanley  (stanley[at]mcmaster[dot]ca) or Kaian Unwalla (unwallk[at]mcmaster[dot]ca). We will then add your name to the TRG mailing list, and to our website listing of TRG members.
  • Membership information for the Psychonomic Society can be obtained through Roger L. Mellgren, the Secretary-Treasurer of Psychonomics, Dept. Psychology, Box 19528, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019--0528, phone: (817) 272-2775, or e-mail at mellgren[at]
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