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Tactile Research Group meeting 2014

The Tactile Research Group meeting 2014 will be held on November 20th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach, CA. We already have confirmation from four very interesting guest speakers:


Soledad Ballesteros, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Faculty of Psychology

Warren Grundfest, UCLA, Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology (CASIT)

Farley Norman, Western Kentucky University, Dept. of Psychological Sciences

Ladan Shams, UCLA, Psychology Department


We now also welcome volunteer speakers for this year's meeting. 

Each volunteer speaker is assigned approximately 15 mins for the talk and 5 mins in questions and discussion, depending on the number of speakers. 

If you wish to attend the meeting and/or give a talk, please let us know by e-mail: ilja.frissen [at] or krista.overvliet [at], and please do so before October 26th 2014. There is no need to specify a title yet, we will ask for that later.


Best regards, 

Krista Overvliet & Ilja Frissen

-- Organizing committee TRG 2014

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